Will at play

Monday, June 18, 2018

June thoughts

Changes are inevitable. Taking care of my husband, Dick, as he has many medical challenges. Lack of mobility, sleep, pain, etc. It is awful. So emotional for me. Just talked to Mom, she says she wishes she lived closer. Me too. The morning went well this morning. Helped Dick get ready with his compression socks, get up from the recliner chair, the one that he does not sleep in. He can't sleep in bed either so he stays up all night watching television. Soccer World Cup mostly. Got him comfortable at his computer desk. He went on-line and started calling the clinic and ordering pills. I took Millie for a nice long walk after having my coffee outside in the back garden. It is so peaceful in the early morning. Today, we go to the Dr., a follow-up appointment for Dick's DVT in his left leg. Wednesday, we see another Dr. at the clinic about lack of sleep and possibly getting a hospital bed and other medication to help Dick sleep and regain his strength. Alison is a wonderful daughter. She called yesterday, Father's Day, and the night before. Great catching up with her. Next week, we are supposed to go to Carmel. I hope we can. We had to cancel our May trip to England. Dick can't fly with the DVT. I hope that it is better by November, otherwise Kauai may not happen for us. You never know what life has in store. Taking it day to day. Fortunately, Dick has a positive attitude and keeps smiling, his mind is good too. Praying for miracles.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Will's Story Update

Had a major breakthrough on Will's story. Thanks to my research and brainstorming with Friends and family, decided to use Word. Consolidated pictures from 3 computers. Excellent session adding pictures and editing.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 1, 2018 Happy Easter

Visiting Alison & Austin in Senoia, GA for several days. On Saturday before Easter, we met Rob, Dayna, Cheri & Chip, Austin's parents at a new place in Senoia called Bistro Hilary. It was a perfect day so we ate outside. The menu was limited but the food was excellent. We then said our farewell to Rob & Dayna and walked around Senoia with Cheri & Chip looking at the shops. We ran into 3 zombies on the street. Senoia is where they film The Walking Dead. It was so fun. Back at home, we relaxed on the deck. On Easter Sunday, Austin had to work so Alison & I went to church where we met friends, Dylan & Danielle. The Anglican Church was beautiful.

Spring - April 2018

It is a beautiful Spring Sunday at home in Lincoln, CA. The garden is lovely. I am so happy and inspired working in the garden this morning before heading to church. Did some weeding before I left, then after church, stopped to fill the garden in with other plants. I am excited to see how our garden grows this season.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Stuck again trying

I have been trying to live up to my commitment to write positively about Will's life. Today, I hit a wall and am stuck again. Grateful for the Alison, Dick family, the animals and my life. Trying a new tactic, I will be over it soon🤞 One step in front of the other, keep moving on👣. He was just like any other kid, happy, full life, engaged, what happened? The more that I write about Will, the more that I get to know him.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Reflections Carmel Highlands March 4-8 2018

I am finally unstuck and writing Will's story focusing on all the positives in his life and our lives. For many years, my mind has been cluttered with all that has happened. It can be so sad and overwhelming losing him and negative with anger that the police did such a horrible job investigating his death. To prepare the binder containing Will's memory artifacts, I had to sift through many painful reminders and other artifacts through this journey living without Will in our lives on Earth. Although, reread the notes from my meeting with Mark Hernandez, the Medium, and was really glad I found that file. I shared it with Alison and we both connected very closely about its content. Was he murdered? Now, almost 9 years later no matter what caused his death, it will not bring him back to life. Richard inspired my to do a memory book of his life. That did it for me, it cleared the cobwebs, finally. And what a place to reflect and write about Will - Carmel Highlands, with a beautiful ocean view. No matter where I write it will be great because it is about memories with Will.
The first story is about his love for our annual trips to Kauai, next his love for his cat, Nora and his love of nature. My goal is to write 300 words every day and attend writer's group meetings to get feedback until the book is published. I am renewed that I am finally able to move on in such a positive way.

Friday, March 2, 2018

February 2018 rolling into March

March 1- February has come and gone. Thankful to have spent several days with my Mom at her house in San Jose. Alison and Austin had had birthdays in February. Lily, their new Plott Hound is now part of their family. She is a really sweet dog. She and Jefferson , their cat will make a good team 😻We hope. March has much in store for us; a trip to Carmel while stopping to visit Christine, Mom and Sheila on the way. Teaching Facebook. Visit from Rob. St Patrick's dinner show to see the Irish group Molly's Revenge. End of month through Easter visiting Alison in Senoia, GA.