Will at play

Friday, January 12, 2018

January 2018

First, reflections back to the end of 2017. Dick met Rob in New Orleans for Jerry's AGU award as a Fellow. They drove to Alison and Austin's in Senoia. I was already there. We had a wonderful time, meeting Austin's parents. Alison & Austin's house in Senoia is darling and perfect for them and visitors. We had a BBQ and an early Christmas with Alison and Austin and Rob. We drove from Senoia to Raleigh, NC and flew home from there.
On Christmas Day, we had breakfast with Christine, Alex and Victoria and Lily at Christine's house in Palo Alto. We had a very nice visit, it was so great to see them. Christine did a fantastic job making and serving brekkie. Her house was trimmed beautifully. Next we went to San Jose to Janet's Mom's house for presents and dinner. House trimmed beautifully, too! Great to catch up with dear family and friends. At the end of the year, we had a tea with friends Sloane & David and Judy & John at our house. Dick did a fantastic job with tea sandwiches including egg salad, cucumber and salmon! Went with Millie to Dick's dental appointment on January 4, then visited with Mom in San Jose. Met her caregivers, Akata and Ana.
Alison is happy and thriving. She is doing well at work. Trips planned for this year include Carmel, England and Hawaii as well as visits with family. As always, missing and loving Will.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Kauai 2017

Wonderful Kauai. Thoughts of Memories with Will and Alison running and playing in the water, on the beach, in the pools and hot tubs. Relaxing, our lives and times. This is our 20 year here, over 8 years with Will not with us. Missing him so much.
Enjoying our trip with family, Alison, Michelle, Dylan, Kyle and Ryleigh, Wilann and Bill. Kyle, Wilann and Bill left yesterday. Kyle has finals. Tomorrow nght, Monday, the 27th Alison, Michelle, Dylan and Ryleigh leave to go back to work in Senoia and back to school in Houston. All have had a great time. Ham for Thanksgiving worked very well. Cake for November (Janet) and December (Michelle and Bill) birthdays and Michelle's pumpkin chiffon pie, so tasty. We had so much fun, Kyle's sketches for his family tree assignment were fantastic. Today is our 29th anniversary, we check out of Kalapaki and move to the Hyatt at Poipu. Great times, Will I wish you were still here with us enjoying the island of Kauai. I feel your spirit here every day with love, Aloha p.s. a year of firsts, many new walks, talks, sharing and caring!

Monday, November 13, 2017

September - October - November 2017

So much has happened this fall. My mom had major surgery in September and is recovering. I have spent almost every week for several days with her. First at the hospital, then at rehab then at her assisted living apartment. Also during this time, wildfires devastated California. In Napa, Sonoma, Mendicino, Santa Clara counties and many others. Brother Bob and family had several close calls and are safe. Dispatcher niece, Megs did an outstanding job in Santa Rosa working several very long and stressful shifts. Nephew, Jeff married Monique in Gilroy in October. It was a fantastic wedding. All the Dixon cousins were there and had a blast. Mom could not make. She had a surprise visit in rehab. The groom and his men. Feeling very blessed being with the family. Bob, sister Sheila and I took turns to stay with Mom. Recovery will take a while. Another major highlight, on October 23, daughter, Alison started working as a Research Analyst at a global construction company called Kiewit. Her office is in Peachtree City, Georgia. She loves it, is making a great contribution and is thriving. She and Austin are renting a darling 3 bedroom house on 1 acre in Senoia, Georgia. Her cat, Jefferson, flew home on November 10. Her commute to work is about 15-20 minutes. I am so proud of Alison. Dick and I arrived in Kauai yesterday and begin our 18 day holiday. We will be joined during the trip by Alison, Michelle, Dylan, Kyle and Ryleigh later in the week. Bill and Wilann are also coming to join us for our 20th island Thanksgiving celebration. Again feeling thankful and blessed. It is 6:13 am on Monday, November 13, 2017. More to come later. It is so quiet and peaceful here.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

July 18, 2017 Florida and Family Trip

Staying with Kitty and Lynn at Oviedo, FL. For dinner, we had Grouper, delicious! Last night, I slept in the Murphy bed and Dick in the other bedroom. Woke up at 6:30 am, took a shower and checked out the garden with Lynn. Today we took a boat tour of several lakes and canals at Winter Park home of Rollins University. Wonderful time. Breakfast of egg and ground beef casserole with cheese and hash browns, cinnamon toast and pineapple and blue berries, road tour on way back to the house, had a nice cocktail. Now they are making shish kabobs and rice. Rice recipe- 1 can consume, 1 can french onion, 1 can water, 1.5 cups jasmine rice, 1 stick butter. Variant brown rice need more water, extra time, cook for 1 hour 350. Watched 2 episodes of Dr. Foster, talked to Mom, bed at 12:20 a. Next day, French toast for breakfast and had a relaxing day, rained in the afternoon. Finished Dr. Foster, snacks in the evening. Excellent times!
Made it to the Marriott Resort in Orlando, met up with Alison and gang, had lunch, got our Villa, had to move to an ADA villa, it is very nice. Kids did the shopping and made hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. Next day, drove to Sanibel, 3 hours, rained, checked in at Sanibel Resort and spa, lovely, had lunch with Ted and Peggy, dinner in room, watched All Creatures. Upgraded to a water view suite on the 9th floor. Having breakfast today with Kitty, Lynn and Pat.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sequoia Kings Canyon June 2017

Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park bus trip

Left yesterday on the trip, lunch at the Merced fruit stand and petting zoo, then toured Fortiera underground resort in Fresno, very interesting tour. Hotel in Clovis, Best Western, it was nice, ate at DiCicci's Italian eatery. Today off to the national parks, cold, foggy, snow on the ground, a little rain, saw the big trees Sherman and Grant. 4 deer sighted a stellar jay, a rust colored squirrel. Tour guides excellent, Ken, bus driver outstanding. Katrina, our leader, fantastic. Fields of ag on way up-grapes, citrus, pistachios, olives, etc. Basque dinner in Fresno. Turns out we were sitting next to Art and Ellen Leal, Art worked with my Mom at Campbell High School District. Mom was so surprised when I called and told her about it. Next day, heading back home, first stop tour of the Kearney mansion in Fresno, he is the raisin king, then lunch at Hilmar Cheese Dairy. Fantastic! Returned to Lincoln at about 4:30 pm, first bus trip was really fun!

June 2017 Kyle's High School Graduation

June 1, 2017
Talked to Michelle and Robert. Today there is a party for the kids. June 2, 2017 shopped while waiting for Dick and Alison to wake up. One thing about here is that it is easy to get around, then had breakfast with Rob. Then went to Kyle's party. It was really nice, Michelle did a great job. It poured with rain for a while. Jerry came home at 7:30, Michelle was not happy and as a result, Jerry reacted. We visited for a while. Returned to hotel. Jerry stayed with Rob. Enjoyed visiting especially with Rita. Dick enjoyed talking to Rob and Jerry. Alison enjoyed talking to Cindy, Dylan and Rob, her favorite part was the booze run with Rob. Kyle was into his friends, teachers and their families. At the hotel, finished left overs then went to bed. Better night sleep, still not complete. June 3, 2017 graduation day, it was a long drive to the graduation, it was nice that Alison drove, Kyle gave the welcoming speech and was named in so many places in the program; class treasurer, in top 10 percent, alma mater choir, etc. Etc. Etc. So proud. He was
Very focused on his high school experience. Happy for him and proud of him. After graduation, which took a couple of hours, we went to Rice to check out Dylan's anthropology exhibit at the Rice library, very impressive, he was on off the curators. It was raining. Good that Dick got to see it too. Then we went to dinner at the Raven, I should have had what Michelle and Sherry had, Salmon, the pasta primavera was ok, Alison has enchiladas, she said they were not so good. Her watermelon mojito was also not very good. Dick's lamb looked great and so did Rob's steak. Rob's carrot cake was delicious. Service was not that good, atmosphere great. Thank you Jer and Michelle. Arrangement was kids table with Patty's 2 girls, Carly and ?, Sherry's son, Bret, Dylan, Kyle, Ryleigh, Alison (hardly a kid), Dylan's girlfriend, Cindy. At the adult table, Tim, Rita, Sherry, Patty, Michelle, me, Rob, Jer and Dick. All in all, we had a fun time. Back to the hotel at about 9:30 ish. Packed and watched TV before going to bed. Up this morning to the airport, checked luggage and wheelchair while Alison returned the car. Now in the air. Rob picking up Dick and taking him to the airport for His 10 am flight. We will meet him in Sac and pick up the car, drive home. Short and tiring trip, I am glad we went to Houston and Kyle's graduation. This week is busy again with travel, Dick dental appointment in Palo Alto, we will stay in Millbrae so that we can drop Alison off at SFO for her trip to Atlanta until June 20. Dick and I are going on a bus trip to Sequoia and Kings for a couple of days next Sunday. Now on flight to SJC. Just made it. Alison was the last one on board, right after me. To get to gate 1 in San Diego, have to go through security again. Now in flight. Landed, deplaned, got luggage and the car, went to Target for lemons, then to In & Out, then went back to airport to pick up Dick from his flight. He just came out from baggage when we pulled up. It all worked out, he appreciated his burger.