Will at play

Thursday, March 27, 2014

WIS Cake for Cherrill Spencer

The cake that the WIS group had for Cherrill Spencer at her retirement party on March 26, 2014

Cherrill Spencer and WIS

Yesterday, I went to SLAC for Cherrill's WIS retirement. WIS has been going strong for 23 years now thanks to Cherrill and the planning team. There are 3 books of archives with articles, pictures and other information, oh what memories. Cherrill introduced me as the founder of the group.

It was so nice to be there. There was also a talk about Emotional Intelligence. I met a new person, Peggy. She is recently retired from sales and her husband is an insurance person. Cherrill is ready for new adventures. She plans to look for work as an experimental physicist, replace her 30 year old carpet, travel, volunteer at the symphony, paint the house and garden. I hope she and Rick can make it up here sometime to visit.

The drive yesterday was very challenging. Not only are the Peninsula and South Bay Area so crowded, it was raining, a good thing, sometimes pouring with windshield wipers on max speed. Went via 5 and 505, went about 40 miles out of my way. Cut through Hayward then over the San Mateo bridge and down 280. Left at 7:15 got there at 11:15. Went to visit Will at St. Bede's then over to SLAC. After the workshop visited with Cherrill for about an hour. Sierra is spending spring break in Morocco with a girlfriend from St. Andrews. Sierra likes it there.

Went to Mom's house for a visit. She is feeling much better. We had a very nice visit. She lives in a great location in SJ, right in the heart of it, no back roads, though, to escape the traffic. So I left at 3:45p and tougher it out via 680 to 80 to 505, road 27, i5, 99, Riego, Fiddyment to home, arriving at 7:15p. along the way rain and a Tornado, very atmospheric skies indeed.

Today it is cloudy and cool. Now off to "layer the day".

Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014 Aly coming home for Spring Break

Aly is coming home today for a week from school in Auburn. It will be so nice to have her home. We had some good rain storms this week, today is sunny and bright. Robert visited from Raleigh this week, he joined us at Carmel highlands, we had a terrific time. Cherrill is retiring from SLAC after 25 years. I will attend here retirement party on March 26. Also want to connect with other Bay Area family and friends. Time to get my day on, layer the day with work as a Covered California and Aflac Agent, a caregiver, wife and mom.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


February 14, 2014

Cloudy, mild, Millie resting on my lap. It is 7:23 am. Weather in south and east, lots of snow. Aly is still at Tim's house in Alpheretta, she came down with a cold this week after the flight back from Sedona. Dick is feeling better but still tired, he spent all day Tuesday at the clinic getting tests. It turns out he has a terrible virus that has to run its course.

There is a hawk flying outside and Billie is 'Talking'. Today, I have CCRC, June and an afternoon to work on the computer. Also want to walk Millie. The grass is green on the hill outside. It is so peaceful and beautiful with against the light gray sky. We need some more rain.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Claude Monet and Best Friends

My best friend, Sloane and I spent the day yesterday having lunch in Auburn, CA. It was delicious. Especially, Sloane's Curry Chicken Sandwich, $8 at the Club Car Bar and Restaurant. The food and service was excellent. A nice way to layer the day with Poots!

Finally, hung the Claude Monet picture from Sloane, it looks great, fits right in and is well coordinated with the pictures in the bedroom. All having similar gold frames.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Travel with Family

Traveling with family is always so fun and peaceful especially close to the oceans. These pictures are from Kauai and Sanibel Island in Florida near Fort Myers. Pictured are Rob, Finley, Kyle and Aly and Aly and her mom, Janet.

Will & NorNor

Will loved his kitty, NorNor. Here, she is sitting next to Will's picture, lovingly and thoughtfully looking at Will and missing him so much.