Will at play

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Carmel Highlands February 2017

To me what is important is family, environment including sea. So living in Lincoln is great given our trips to Carmel Highlands, Sonoma Coast and Hawaii!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

2016 Holidays continued

2016 Holidays with Family-December

Alison came home for the holidays last Friday night. On Saturday, she started right in on putting up the Christmas tree and trimming it. It is about 90% done. I taught a Facebook class on Saturday and again this Saturday. Visited with Mom last Thursday, it was great to get together. I hope that she adjusts to her new place and is happier. It is really nice and the food is really good. Amy visited last night and has concerns that she sent in an email. I responded. We will see what happens. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.
Continuing on with the holidays-we had great meals -lamb, pork, fondue, roast beef, caper chicken-all prepared with love in our hearts. Also took many long walks with Alison and sometimes shorter walks with Millie. Alison wrapped all the presents and put them around the tree. We woke up Christmas morning and opened them. I went to mass at St. Joseph's in Lincoln. Alison and I went down to SJ, Dick stayed home. We had a great Christmas with the Dixon family. The week before, we went to Ginny and Bob's for lunch. They live in Orinda. Jerry, Carol, Laurie, Bill and Wilann also joined us. Austin, Alison's boyfriend came in on Dec. 30. Rob and Finley came in before that. We had lunch at the house with Dylan, Kyle, Ryleigh, Finley and Alison. They all went to South Lake Tahoe to ski and for New Year's. I went to church on New Year's Day at St. Augustine. We had Roast Beef with Alison and Austin after they came back from SLT on New Year's Day. Then D&J off to Sea Ranch on the 2nd. It rained all day. Had a house full, Michelle, Rob, all the kids except for Alison & Austin-they went to Yosemite and stayed in El Portal. Ginny & Bob came for breakfast and a visit on Jan. 3, they stayed at a hotel in Gualala. Then they left. Michele, Kyle and Ryleigh and Brett also left. Kyle and Ryleigh leaving for Houston today, Jan. 4 from SFO. Last night Rob made delicious pork chops, veg and mash for dinner including apple sauce. We played cards, read, watched Abandoned and then went to bed. It rained hard all day yesterday. Today, Jan. 4, the weather is nice, light wind, over cast. I have been on a couple of walks so far. Saw deer, Harbor Seals and pups. Alison and Austin will explore Yosemite Valley today. Dylan and I are a team in starting (Dylan) and stoking (J) a fire. Austin leaves on Friday-6th, Rob and Finley on Saturday-7th, Dylan on Sunday-8th, Alison on Monday-9th. All in all, it has been one of the best most family inclusive holiday season ending 2016 and beginning in 2017.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 2016 so far

Let's see busy November so far-last week, 60 surprise birthday party and November birthdays at 2428 in San Jose, lovely! Had Kett's and Bennison's over to our house for a nice lunch last Thursday. Cats on Friday in Sacramento at 24th Street Theater with Sloane and dinner treated by Sloane at the Meridians. It was very nice.
Today errands, shop and hang out at the pool and beach.
Oh yeah, on Thursday the 3rd traded in the Mercedes for a 2016 Town & Country minivan, more comfortable for Dick. No wonder it seems that we have done a lot so far in November, whew! Alison went camping last weekend with Austin and Drew and his girlfriend. She had a fun time. She arrives here on Thursday!
Tuesday, November 15-Had a rough sleep last night with Dick's oxygen alarm going off every 5 minutes for a couple of hours. I could not disable the alarm. Had a nice morning eating our toast with team and villa before going to the pool and hot tub with Dick, very nice. Talked to Alison, she is doing really well in school and is excited to come to Kauai on Thursday.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Will missing you today and always

Will, thinking of you and loving you on this 7th anniversary of you leaving this earth. Even though time passes, love in my heart for you is always there. Spending time with Alison at Auburn University. I am happy to be here with her. She is such a help to me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day 2016

We had a wonderful Labor Day 2016 in Palo Alto and San Jose. Ri chard and I drove down early in the morning-traffic was light. Visited with Christine Braelow in Palo Alto in the morning, we had a lot of fun, The frui, cookies and coffee hit the spot. Then we were off to Billie's in San Jose for the Labor Day pool party with fam
ily and friends. Lovely Day all around. Traffic on the way back to Lincoln, light as well. It pays to travel to the Bay Area on Holidays.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Surprise visit from Alison-July 14-18

July 14-18
We had a great long weekend with Alison home to surprise her Dad for his birthday. She arrived last Thursday night, got a great deal on American Airlines flight. Richard and I went to Truckee that day for a Lamburger. Not cooked enough for me. Richard got the best birthday present ever having Alison at home. Friday was relaxing, Richard and Alison went grocery shopping together. We all took turns cooking meals for each other the whole time. Alison and Richard put a jigsaw puzzle together of Winnie the Poo. It was so nice to watch them sitting with their heads almost together concentrating on the puzzle and each other. They also worked on Alison's BREXIT essay for English class. Janet taught a Facebook class on Saturday. We all went to Donna Seymour's 80th birthday party in Novato on Saturday afternoon. It is a 2 hour drive there and back to Lincoln. It was very fun. We got to catch up with Kent & Donna, family and friends. Sunday, Alison and Richard slept in while Janet walked Millie and went to church. Alison made a wonderful brunch of soft boiled eggs, sausage, a delicious hash brown casserole, fruit, tea and mimosas. On Monday, we all hung out: our 3 cats-Billie, Norah & Ginger, Millie our dog and our family, Richard, Janet & Alison. Alison and her boyfriend Austin talked on the phone and played video games. The weather was great here, low 80s. We finished the day with Alison in the hot tub before going to the airport. We dropped Alison off, hugged and said love you, until next time and came back home to Lincoln. On our way back at dusk there was a beautiful sunset as well as a full moon rising. Austin picked Alison up at the airport this Tuesday morning. They went out to breakfast and she is now back in class at Auburn. Loving and cherishing the time spent with family making memories to last forever.